Our Reviewers

Our Reviewers
Francesca Stevens
Ms. Stevens

Francesca Bellini-Stevens, founder of this site and an author. You can learn more about her at NewWitchcraft.com

She identifies as a solitary and eclectic seeker. In her practices, she integrates the “Old Ways” with the arts, especially music, dance, and visual arts.

Until early 2020, she taught yoga at Third Street in Santa Monica. Now, staying at home, she’s focused on her own books and encouraging fellow authors.

Celeste Romero Wright
Ms. Wright

Celeste Romero Wright, a massage therapist drawn to holistic healing, energy work, and “witchy” traditions. Her background in Santeria helps her align mainstream beliefs and practices with her eclectic interests.

Celeste is a single parent. Formerly an editor for a major NY publishing house, she and her son now share a home with her parents near Miami, Florida.

Marc Quinn
Marc Quinn

Lyra Faeborn, a Christian witch who finds comfort in the Old Ways. She believes in correspondences and energy magic, and living by “an’ it harm none.”

Marc Quinn, a gender fluid witch raised in Salem, Massachusetts. They have experimented with several traditions, and describe themselves as an independent thinker. Marc shares ancestry with Bridget Bishop (1632 – 1692).

Contributing Editors

The following are among the many friends sharing their opinions with us, so our reviews are more inclusive.

Regina Blackwood, self-described crone and wise woman. Regina began her studies in a Dianic coven. Later, she chose an eclectic path.

She and her partner – retired from their Los Angeles marketing careers – live in a secluded housing co-op near Phoenix, Arizona. Together, they specialize in herbs, herbal magic, and space clearing.

Heath Stocker, a resident of England (near Glastonbury), currently exploring sacred sites, especially Native sites in the American Southwest, where he met Regina Blackwood.

Rue Taylor
Ms. Taylor

Rue Taylor, graduate student in France, historian, and author of books related to ghosts and folklore. She does not identify as a witch, but keeps an open mind.

Alanna Winterbourne, partner of Heath Stocker, associate of Regina Blackwood, occasional psychic, casual astrologer, and enthusiastic gardener.