Wizards Tarot, by Barbara Moore

The Wizard’s Tarot, by Barbara Moore

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First Impressions

This is the most impressive tarot deck I’ve ever seen. From the moment you open it, it almost takes your breath away. It’s that beautiful and powerful.

The box it’s in is dazzling. It’s shiny, and designed to withstand repeated use. The cover seals with a magnetic tab, and a satin ribbon is useful for opening the box.

The book inside is full-color and very high-quality pages. The images are rich and evocative. The descriptions are thorough, with useful details to interpret the cards.

The cards are absolutely the best I’ve seen. The card stock is sturdy. The finish is impressive. The cards are exactly the right size.

Clearly, Llewellyn spared no effort or expense to make this one of the very best tarot decks, ever.

Testing the Cards

To review this tarot deck, kindly sent to us by Llewellyn, I’ve given some comparative readings. The decks I chose were The Wizard’s Tarot, the Grail Tarot, the Gateway Tarot, and Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Cards.

Each has a different sense of style:

  • The Wizard’s Tarot seems to get straight to the point, but is surprisingly gentle at times.
  • The Grail Tarot is steeped in history and King Arthur’s world. It can be cryptic. Sometimes, what you think the cards tell you isn’t clear until a little later, when more in real life is revealed.
  • The Gateway Tarot is one of the most powerful decks in my collection. I read it only when I want a blunt, laser-focused reading, even if it challenges me or the client, or both.
  • The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards are very simple. I’m not sure if it’s because the theme is entirely feminine, but the messages can confuse me at times. Usually, I use it as a “second opinion”  to give clarity to another reading.

I did two three-card readings with each deck. My reading included a past card, a present card, and a third card that shows the immediate future.

One was a reading for our world at the present moment (late July 2020). As you read the review, see if the Wizard’s Tarot makes sense to you. Compare it with advice from the other decks.

I’ve listed the exact cards, plus my interpretations. Consider them and see which align with your experiences. That should help you decide if the Wizard’s Tarot is a good match for you.

The Present Moment Readings (July 26, 2020)

Wizard’s Tarot – 8 of Cups > Ace of Swords > Strength

You’re grounded in a sense of having to take chances, despite your current comforts. Currently you’re working to see through confusion, including your own confusing thoughts. Immediately ahead, you may realize the wounds you’ve received, but it’s important to heal them with love, compassion, and understanding.

The Grail Tarot – Preceptor of Lances > Preceptor of Stones > 10 of Lances

The larger journey continues, but lately you’ve felt as if you’re on a new or different path within it. Listen to your inner voice, or to a mentor or supportive friend. He, she, or they will give you advice you should consider. Heed it. Now is not the time to take bold steps without consideration. Ahead, you may find that with great rewards come some great costs, so avoid taking on too much, too soon. Treat yourself gently.

The Gateway Tarot – Two of Swords > Ace of Wands > Three of Coins

You’ve felt as if this has been a moment of peace, but you also know this has been a form of truce. It’s temporary. Do not squander it by alienating those whose power you rely upon, or may want to remain close to in the future. Use this time to regroup and build your sense of power. Then get started on new projects. Build them in small steps. Pay attention to details. Hard work may be necessary. Don’t rush things. Stability will lead to rewards.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards – Sige > Sedna > Isolt

You have been wise to take your time. It was not a time for action, yet. Now, focus on yourself. Relax. Connect with yourself and with nature, and the things that are your personal touchstones, your bedrock. There may be some difficulties ahead, and perhaps some losses. Your heart will mend.

Readings for September 1, 2020

The second reading was what life would look like at the first of September 2020.  You may want to wait and see how these readings seem to you, on or shortly after that date, before selecting a new tarot deck.

The Wizard’s Tarot – Knight of Wands > Ace of Swords > Queen of Cups

You may have taken on too much, or feel as if you have. You’ll be fine as long as you keep your focus on what’s important. Continue processing your own thoughts. Ahead, you’ll have a burst of creativity or sensitivity, or both. There will be good and challenging aspects of this, so don’t demand too much from yourself. Set aside your expectations and allow the situation to unfold in a measured way. Goodness is ahead.

The Grail Tarot – Four of Stones > 9 Prester John > One of Swords

You have been through a perilous time, and some changes may have been uncomfortable. Take time to rest. You may choose to withdraw and regroup, but keep in mind the powerful guidance of those near to you. You do not have to carry the weight by yourself. The outcome will be your triumph over adversity. Maintain your focus. Remember your personal grounding and roots. The strength is there, and you have a powerful adventure ahead of you.

The Gateway Tarot – High Priestess > The Empress > Six of Coins

The past has provided you with insights. Pause and pay attention to the hunches and dreams you’ve had. Look inside. Now, something big is on the way. Use the present moment to nurture yourself. Then whatever is ahead, remember the importance of balance. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, and one is not better or lesser than the other. Give generously. Receive graciously. And continue that cycle. In it, you’ll find stability.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards – Diana > Oonagh > Hathor (covered by Isis, the cards seemed stuck together)

The recent past has brought you to a point of focus, but do not rush anything. Allow yourself to consider everything related to any decisions. Allow yourself to recover from past snubs, wounds, and sadness. (The Isis card suggested a past-life context, but that didn’t ring true. I think that card meant to revisit past lessons, not necessarily from a past life.)

Which of those readings resonated best for you? Did you see yourself – and your life – in any of them, or maybe several of them?

In my own practice, I use many decks. I choose them intuitively for the client or circumstances or both.

The Wizard’s Tarot is a powerful deck. It’s a beautiful deck to display, too.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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– reviewed by Marc Quinn